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Nothing Gets Closer

Introducing 360° Body Contour Scanning

With 360 degree detector coverage, and unique proximity sensors providing 3X volumetric sensitivity vs current technologies, no other nuclear medicine system is able to get as close as VERITON.

360 contouring

If the human body was flat, first-generation detectors would work great.

The new VERITON® was designed with the three dimensional human body in mind. It uses 12 independent detector arms to provide 360 degree coverage. By surrounding the patient with detectors, photon detection is maximized and image quality is enhanced compared to traditional dual head arrays.

Touch screen interface for easy patient setup and positioning. Extended table scan range 200cm, limit 500lbs, integrated ECG monitoring, free float for egress if needed.

CZT detectors offer a direct conversion to digital with no analog phase. The head’s compact size and unique geometry allow for multiple detectors resulting in a more comprehensive output.

Proximity contouring allows the detectors to get within millimeters of the skin. Any incidental patient contact sends the detector away to the home position.

Spectrum Dynamics’ patented swivel head detectors are pixelated to align with the parallel hole tungsten collimators to allow for faster acquisition.