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Dynamic SPECT Case Study

Patient 8 - Stress/Rest

Images Courtesy of Gifu Heart Center Gifu, Japan

63 Year Old Male

Perfusion Scan

  • Risk factors – DM, HT
  • Normal Perfusion

Coronary Angiography 

  • CAG and MFR show 3-vessel disease
  • Patient referred for CABG


  • RITA to LAD was patent
  • LITA to LCx was patent
  • Aorta to RCA using SVG was occluded

Coronary Flow Reserve

  • Dynamic protocol performed again after CABG
  • SPECT was normal, same as before operation
  • CFR was improved in all regions – even RCA area


“Without this data, we could not diagnose the balanced ischemia, and we could not be confident CABG improved coronary arteries’ condition.”