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Acquisition and Advanced Reconstruction Algorithms

List Mode Acquisition

All acquisitions are acquired in list mode. This provides the capability to reframe the data, allowing the operator to change a number of different parameters.

  • Adjust the R-Wave windows
  • Apply scatter correction and process the multiple isotope acquisitions within seven different energy windows
  • Adjust energy window or compare different energy windows for the same acquisition


Our advanced reconstruction algorithm is based on an OSEM iterative algorithm with resolution recovery. Multiple reconstruction options are included within the reconstruction software.

The Model based reconstruction is a proprietary Spectrum Dynamics Medical algorithm and starts iterations from a Model of the LV instead of a uniform image.

This Model is calculated on initial OSEM iterations using identified myocardium contours to create a Model that will be used as “Initial Guess.” This method helps the reconstruction algorithm converge more quickly on an optimal solution and demonstrates a significant improvement of image properties and quality.

Reconstructed Cardiac Phantom