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Clinical and Workflow Benefits

Fast results*: The D-SPECT® Cardio can acquire a complete gated SPECT study in as little as three minutes, improving clinical workflow and reducing the chance of patient motion.
(*Total imaging time may vary based on patients’ BMI)


Image quality: D-SPECT® Cardio’s count rich data sets combined with a proprietary reconstruction algorithm ensures optimal spatial resolution and exceptional image quality.


Dose reduction: The extremely high sensitivity of the D-SPECT® Cardio detectors allows for dramatic reductions in injected dose. Patients and staff benefit from the lower radiation dose.


Simultaneous multi-isotope imaging (SDI): The exceptional energy resolution of CZT makes simultaneous stress and rest imaging possible with perfect image registration, as well as accommodating new advanced multi-isotope protocols.


Patient compliance: The unique design of the detector assembly provides a 3D images of the patient’s heart without moving the patient or gantry, which eliminates the chance of a collision, pinching, or patient claustrophobia.


Myocardial Flow Reserve (MFR): The addition of MFR to SPECT MPI provides the ability to potentially add important clinical and prognostic information to the patient study.  Enabled by the cardio centric design of the D-SPECT® and temporal resolution of the CZT digital technology, MFR is an exciting new addition to SPECT practice.

Three-minute gated SPECT study with standard doses