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Clinical and Workflow Benefits

  • Fast results: The D-SPECT®L can acquire a complete gated SPECT study in as little as six minutes, improving department workflow, enhancing patient compliance and reducing the chance of patient motion.
  • Image quality: D-SPECT-L’s count rich data sets combined with a proprietary reconstruction algorithm to ensure optimal spatial resolution and exceptional image quality.
  • Dose reduction: The extremely high sensitivity of the D-SPECT-L detectors allows for reduced patient injected doses. Patients and staff benefit from the lower radiation dose.
  • Patient compliance: The open gantry design and the ability of the CZT columns to “swivel” back and forth allows the six detectors, in an L shaped array, to acquire data from the patients Left Posterior Oblique (LPO) to Right Anterior Oblique (RAO) without the need to rotate the detectors around the patient. This eliminates the chance of an acquisition collision, pinch points or claustrophobia that moving detectors can cause.
Six-minute gated SPECT study with standard doses