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Gantry and Chair Design

The D-SPECT®L gantry design is simple, yet elegant. The system is counter-balanced for easy and smooth motions. Gantry positions are locked in placed with electromagnetic brakes.

This unique design provides several advantages including:

  1. Chair weight supports patients up to 1000 lb/454 kg. for morbidly obese patients.
  2. Very small footprint: 9′5″x 11, ideal for small rooms.
  3. Open gantry design eliminates claustrophobia.
  4. Flexible imaging chair can be fully-upright, supine or anything in between to fit any clinical requirement.
  5. Unique gantry/detector design eliminates the need for the patient to place their left arm “behind the head”, improving patient comfort and reducing the chance of motion.

Total Flexibility

For Patient Fit and Comfort

The patient handling system’s chair back and foot rest are fully adjustable, allowing the patient to be seated fully upright, supine or anything in between. The detector can be rotated for cephalic and caudal tilt as well as in and out for optimal positioning.

Patient is 490 lbs., 74.5 BMI and standard Tc dose.