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Yoel Zilberstien

Founder, CTO & Business Development, GM Israel

Yoel Zilberstien is the founder of Spectrum Dynamics. After a career or ever increasing responsibility within Elscint (later acquired by GE Healthcare) he was responsible for engineering & development of many of the technologies that have become standard within the SPECT industry. After this Yoel joined a small start-up called Biosense in Israel focused on Electro-Physiology where he co-invented a endo-vascular GPS guidance system today known as Carto. Biosense was later sold to Johnson & Johnson for $430Mio and is part of a business unit called Biosense-Webster with sales >$1.0BLN today. After the acquisition Yoel served as Biosense-Webster General Manager, Israel. During this time he realized that he wanted to return to his first passion being nuclear medicine. Yoel knew that fundamental improvements could be made in SPECT system performance with a fundamental re-design from first principles. This became Spectrum Dynamics.