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Maximum Economic Value

VERITON’s® ability to double the scanning speed in many applications, with fully 3D SPECT whole-body imaging, allows users to double patient throughput as well as reduce down-stream patient treatment times saving overall patient and departmental time with significant cost reductions.


Full Spectrum Productivity

The VERITON system opens up an intriguing array of financial opportunities. Institutions can sell redundant systems, increase patient throughput and add new revenue generating activities.


  • Sell redundant systems
  • Process new or backlog patients
  • Add additional income, freed up rooms can provide space for new imaging modalities

Cost Savings – Over 3, 5 or 8 years

  • Eliminate future capital replacement costs
  • Eliminate duplicate technical service contracts
  • Optimize patient workflow
  • Optimize departmental sta allocations
  • Reduce radioisotope dosage cost


  • Direct digital conversion improves image quality
  • Small detector optimized for organ proximity & improved resolution
  • Higher spatial resolution provides potential for better lesion characterization
  • Reduce time and/or radiation exposure
  • Organ focus scanning modes
  • Fully 3D SPECT whole-body imaging


  • Faster scanning

  • Increased patient comfort

  • Customizable patient workflows