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Multi-Purpose SPECT Scanner


Amplify the Impact of CZT

The VERITION® system, enabled by the 360 degree contouring allows for maximized patient throughput; getting two 3D SPECT whole body bone scans in the same time as a traditional planar study with SPECT or static follow-up examination. CZT detectors, with their higher photon sensitivity, allow for decreased scan times and/or reduced doses in nuclear MPI studies. In addition to 3x the volumetric sensitivity compared to sodium iodide systems ensures photon capture and diagnostic detail.

Simultaneous Dual Isotope Scanning

CZT detectors allow for more accurate acquisition and correction of the main and scatter photo peaks for each isotope within the range of 40 – 220 keV. As seen in cutting edge research, SDI may oer diagnostic benefits in neurology, cardiac, and infection imaging . Visualize multiple physiologic pathologies in one imaging session. This allows for less patient motion and the precise alignment of two dierent image sets acquired in the same session. Beyond the technical benefits, SDI techniques also provide an opportunity for increased patient satisfaction and lab optimization with decreased scanning times and sessions required.

Dynamic 3D Scanning

The VERITON® system is uniquely designed to allow for quantitative 3D SPECT dynamic imaging with applications ranging from cardiac, in the quantification of coronary flow reserve, to the visualization of tracer kinetics. New opportunities await SPECT imaging with this capability.