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Changing the Shape of Nuclear Medicine

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“VERITON can scan more patients, improve patient workflow and detect some diseases in different organs more precisely during studies…including Parkinson’s disease or Dementia  staging. Having CZT, and on top 3D CZT from the head to the feet for the bone scan, is incredibly helpful.”

Professor Denis Agostini, M.D., PhD.
Head of Nuclear Medicine Department
Caen University Hospital, Caen, France

“All of our patients are impressed by the design of the camera and they also like the fact that the examination is shorter than with the former system. Recently we had two claustrophobic patients and we did not have any problem with them. With this camera, we can shorten the exam duration and obtain a better resolution.”

Dr. Blandine Enilorac, M.D.
Nuclear Medicine Department
Caen University Hospital. Caen, France