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Windows 7 End-of-Life is Coming.

Are you ready?

Without an upgrade, your systems and patient data will be prime targets for cybercriminals in:

2020/01/14 00:00:00

With savings options of up to 40% off standard list prices, the time to act is now!
Favorable pricing will be extended to early adopters.

Don’t let your institution be at risk. Learn how Spectrum Dynamics can help protect you and your patients.

Spectrum Dynamics will work with you to select one of two paths to ensure you’re protected. Improve your IT security and clinical capabilities together in one of the following.

Brings you current with Windows 10, and includes additional software and hardware updates, like:

  • The latest in Spectrum Dynamics software
  • New acquisition and processing station computers
  • New wide screen, high-res monitors
  • Access to advanced clinical functionality
  • The latest quantitative software from Cedars Sinai or INVIA Corridor 4DM

Includes everything in the REFRESH package, but also provides you with additional benefits for easier use and to reach a wider patient population, including:

  • Increased 1,000 lb. weight limit
  • Touch-screen positioning on gantry
  • Improved detachable armrest and grab bar
  • Adjustable pillow, thicker cushions, accessory bar
  • Greater gantry travel on track for easier patient positioning
  • Advanced functionality and greater protocol options with Simultaneous Dual Isotope (SDI) imaging

When you are ready, click below to schedule your update

Alternatively you may reach out directly to your Spectrum Dynamics sales representative regarding the Refresh and Renew Windows 10 upgrade programs to find the best option for your institution. We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support of Spectrum Dynamics solutions.


WINDOWS 7 and associated branding and imagery are registered trademarks of Microsoft. Used with permission. Spectrum Dynamics RENEW and REFRESH offer packages are not associated with Microsoft and are subject to change without notice.